Saturday, February 7, 2009

Velvet Glove: Volume 1

I love Sean Michael's books. I really like his voice when he tells a story. It's always simple, well-paced and he really gets to the heart of his characters...whether the story is 300 pages or 10! I get sucked into the world he weaves and I can't escape until I read the last page. Velvet Glove: Volume 1 is an anthology of four different stories all written by Sean Michael. Since the Velvet Glove is a premier BDSM club set in the future, all the stories have a D/s storyline to them. The BDSM written in this book is not hardcore. There are spankings, bondage, whippings, toys, voyeurism and blindfolding. There is NO menage scenes in this book. The couples are exclusive to one another, and honestly the stories are very romantic at times. Two different couples get "collared" which is the same as married in this book. All stories had a sweet quality to them, and one story itself didn't hardly have any BDSM moments at all. Just two people meeting and falling in love. I loved all of the stories! If you enjoy M/M erotic romance, than this book is definitely an option because it DOES have so many interesting characters, unique story lines, sweet moments, great heroes and STEAMY-HOT SEX (WHEW)! I can't wait to read the next one:)

I am totally addicted to this genre! I honestly believe that the M/M erotic romance authors give the mainstream authors a run for their money. Sean Michael is definately on top of his game. Between his creative storylines, witty and interesting dialogs and to his very erotic sex scenes he is ALWAYS a MUST buy for me!

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